Glycerol Triacetate(food grade)
Glycerol Triacetate(foundry grade)
Acrylic fabric auxiliary
Iso-octyl acetate
Glycerol diacetate
Olidifying Agent for Water Glass
YS-28 Modfied(Quick)Glyceride
Organic ester specially used...
Glycerol diacetate
Chemical formula:
Molecular formula:
colourless,odorless,oily liquid,slightly soluble in water,easily soluble in alcohol,aether and other organic solvent.
Quality standard(Q/320282NPL002):
Food grade(super)
acetin %
diacetin %
triacetin %
Chroma (Pt-Co) NO.
Free acid (acetic acid) %
Moisture %W/W
As %
Heavy metals (Pb) %
Uses and feature:

This product has been certified to ISO-9001 and manufactured according to the food Standard widely applied to the pharmaceutical industry, food emulsifier, cement additive, resin curing agent, solvent, plasticizer, softener and solvent of basic dye
Our company has been put into the industrialized production since 1992 with the annual output of 2,000 tons. It has been used by various pharmaceutical manufacturing companies , cigarette and casting manufacturers as ideal auxiliary materials.

Packing and storage:
Normal chemicals, packed in metal pail.It should be sealed and keet in cool and dry place, avoid heat, moisture,insolation and rain.
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