Glycerol Triacetate(food grade)
Glycerol Triacetate(foundry grade)
Acrylic fabric auxiliary
Iso-octyl acetate
Glycerol diacetate
Olidifying Agent for Water Glass
YS-28 Modfied(Quick)Glyceride
Organic ester specially used...
Acetic fabric auxiliary
colourless,odorless,oily liquid,slightly soluble in water,easily soluble in alcohol,aether and other organic solvent.
Quality index(Q/320282NPL004):
food grade
Saponification value
according to the need of customer(prepare at their own)
Free acid(reference to CH3COOH)%
Moisture %
Heavy metal(Pb)
Ash %
The product is specially used as plasticizer for acetic fabric filter stick used in cigarette filter tips,It is an innocuous product with active multi-group produced from various materials,which have same plasticization effect as the Triacetin (Glycerol triacetate) at the same condition and can keep the hardness and elasticity of acetic fabric filter tips.
Package and storage:
iron barrel,sealed to keep.
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